About My Candles

Palm wax is a natural wax made from palm berries. This Little Light uses 100% palm wax--I do NOT blend waxes or use additives. Palm wax is a sustainable resource that is biodegradable. It has a high melt point which allows it to burn more slowly and brightly. It creates a distinctive crystalline pattern--making each candle slightly different. The molecular structure of palm wax allows it to absorb greater levels of fragrance and releases it smoothly.  From start to finish, no chemicals are utilized to create palm wax. Chemicals are used in processing of all other common candle waxes.

I pride myself on selecting fragrance oils that perform exceptionally in natural wax. The fragrances that I carry adhere to both national and international standards for safety and purity. In addition, the oils that I select are Phthalate-free--which means that they are also safe for use in bath and body products. When sourcing specialty fragrances for customers, I strive to maintain those same quality standards.

My signature container is a glass jar that has a contemporary look that compliments any décor. I also offer refill service.  This Little Light Candles offers a discount to returning customers that return their empty jars. You may choose the same fragrance or try out one of my seasonal offerings to take advantage of this unique service.

Meet the Chandler

Kat Sanford-Creary


This Little Light was born out of my desire to have beautifully fragranced candles in the color and style that I wanted. After years of disappointment with performance of various candle brands, I started researching candle making and started making them for myself.  

I experimented with different natural waxes and fragrance oils to learn the craft and discover the ones that I liked to work with. I gave candles to family and friends, taking special requests to try as well. In 2010, This Little Light Candles was born. 

Over the years, my offerings have evolved. Today, I use 100% Palm Wax with wooden wicks exclusively and combine them with fragrances derived from essential oils. Using those same standards, I make custom candles--matching the fragrance and color combinations of my customers upon request. Customers also have the opportunity to work with me to design a custom wrap, which is a great way to personalize them. 

My candles can be found on Etsy, Amazon, and at The Painted Tree Marketplace located in Buford, GA (Space C10).   However, I love to work with my customers personally and look forward to serving you!